Convention Planning & Operation Capabilities

With more than 20 years of experience, the needs and wants of organizers, participants, and stakeholders are analyzed and the best alternatives are proposed and implemented on site.

Customized (BESPOKE) Convention Planning & Operation Capabilities

  • Performance Analysis Tools Qualitative and Quantitative Performance
    Building and Measurement of Analysis Tools
  • Analysis of Organizers' Needs In-depth analysis of the needs that organizers are trying to achieve through conventions.
  • Analysis of Global Industrial Environment Analysis of the overseas and domestic environment related to the relevant industry and organizers
  • Analysis of the Needs of Participants and Stakeholders Analysis of participants' motives for participation, decision-making factors, and analysis of stakeholders' needs.
  • Expanding Sustainability Proposals for Sustainable Growth Alternatives

Business Areas

  • Corporate Meeting Planning & Operation

  • Planning & Operation of Society·Association Meetings

  • Planning & Operation of Government and Local Government Meetings

  • DMC Business