Tourism·Convention Consultation Capabilities

GTN's outstanding capabilities are the proof of the best results based on more than 20 years of experience, covering global standard analysis, trend analysis, big data-based quantitative analysis, latest domestic and international case study analysis, and advisory groups' expertise.

Customized (BESPOKE) Tour·Convention Consultation

  • Global Trend Analysis Analysis and Research of Global Tends and Trends in the Tourism/Convention Industry
  • Global Standard Analysis Analysis and Research of Global Standards in the Tourism/Convention Industry
  • Quantification of Performance ESG-Based Performance Analysis and Quantification
  • Expanding Sustainability Alternatives for Sustainable Growth
  • Analysis of Big Data Quantitative Analysis Based on Big Data and Derivation of Insights

Business Areas

  • Local Tourism Consultation

  • Tourism·Convention Big Data Analysis

  • Convention Destination Consultation

  • Convention Hosting Performance Analysis