Customized Incentive
by GTN

The hidden needs of the clients are identified and various destinations and programs are presented to meet their needs, and optimal destinations and contents are carried out according to the value for money analysis technique.

Customized (BESPOKE) Incentive Tour

  • Expanding Sustainability Pre·Post-Seminar and Network Maintenance
  • Analysis of the Value for Money The best destination quantification is presented after analyzing multiple destinations that meet the budget and the project purpose of the organizer.
  • Analysis of Clients' NEEDS Hidden needs of the organizer are identified and reflected in the planning.
  • 벤치마킹 데스티네이션 DB화 The characteristics, history, culture, and industrial status of domestic and international incentive tour destinations are stored and provided as DBs.
  • Quantification of Performance ESG-Based Performance Analysis and Quantification Proposal

Business Areas

  • Domestic·International Incentive Tours

  • Civil Servant Training Programs

  • Domestic·International Benchmarking Programs

  • Participation in Overseas Exhibitions by Institutions/Organizations